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Emergency Plumbing Needed – Urgent!

Need an emergency plumber?  If it leaks, we can fix it!

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We answer the phone  … Guaranteed!

Free Accurate, Reliable  Estimates – Guaranteed fast service

Call us on 077 652 98718 – Speak to a plumber directly. Call right away. We will be at your door within 2 hours or its free!

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Needing emergency plumbing in London? We are here to help.


Imagine the scene!
You’ve just had a major leak or some other serious plumbing issue has just arisen in your home or office. (… and don’t say it won’t happen, because you know it could – and it could happen any day now).

So you see all the damage and you start thinking: This is looking bad – really bad!

You look at the possible damage, and how this needs to get fixed, not any time soon, but it needs to get fixed absolutely NOW!

How are you feeling?

plumbing emergency call

    • frightened?
    • horrified?
    • terrified?
    • panicking?
    • anxious?
    • nervous?
    • tense?
    • apprehensive?
    • worried?
    • distressed?
    • nervous?
    • alarmed?
    • shocked?
    • fearful?
    • dreading the next few hours?



This might even be your worst nightmare.

Then you remember …

True Emergency Plumbing!

That article you read. You thought it was deliberataly dramatic at the time, but now you realise why …

Suddenly you remember the next bit in the article when it said …


Call now – Immediately you will be talking with a genuine skilled qualified professional plumbing expert – We call them Your Online Emergency Advisor!

and we are situated right in the heart of your local area.

For emergency plumbing – we have a Five Star Reputation. We serve all of Greater London – We are on 24hr Standby for you – so, if you have and emergency issue with your plumbing, don’t delay –  simply get on the phone to us right away and leave it in the hands of our qualified experts for your complete peace of mind.

broken pipes

Trusted AND Certified – FREE Immediate Estimates!

Call now – we will immediately send out one of our top expert technicians to resolve your emergency plumbing needs and we will do so right away – not tomrrow or next week.

If you have a blocked toilet – don’t worry – get on the phone to us and we will flush away your problems!

“If I have a leak, I could probably have a True Emergency Plumbing guy there within 2 hours. They’re that quick!” – Charles Stuart, E3

Guaranteed to be there within 2 hours or your money back, we will send you a qualified emergency plumbing expert right away.

Emergency Plumbing Service

This is London’s leading Plumbing Service & Repair. 24/7 Emergency Service.

We offer the Best Free Quote on the job.

In business since 1984, our 24 hour emergency plumbing service in London is available for all your plumbing emergencies, both day or night. We are all set and ready to service you wherever you are within the Greater London area.

Calls answered by licensed plumbers  – All Work Guaranteed

We can be reached at 077 652 98718. Every call answered ASAP!

We are an Emergency Plumber service – we will:

  • rescue you if you need rescused
  • save you if you need saved
  • sort out your emergency issues right away
  • get your life back up online again

… and we will do all that at speed and with the minimum of fuss.

At True Emergency Plumbing we offer a full range of commercial and residential services. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are true emergency plumbing specialists.

“Immediate response”

Happy Customer with Emergency PlumberAs a reliable local London-based emergency plumbing service, you can call us anytime. 24 hour emergency plumbing repairs is what we do. Some of the plumbing repairs we do can includes hot water heater repairs, broken pipes, replace toilet bowls, unclog drains, new boiler installs, leaks behind the walls, replacing busted valves and much more.

North, south, east or west London and everywhere else in between, no matter where your are in London, your local specialists, True Emergency Plumbing are just a phone call away.

Don’t delay – Contact your 24 Hour True Emergency Plumbing experts right away!

No Call-Out Charge.

Don’t let the situation get any worst. Get on the phone and Call Now!

Call 077 652 98718 right away – Talk to a Plumber Direct – Call answered inside 4 minutes wherever possible.

A friendly staff member is waiting to talk with you. A qualified experienced plumber will be immediate dispatched direct to your house of office to head off any damage and get your plumbing problem fixed right away.

So don’t forget the number! –

Need plumbing help? Call now! On call 24/7 365! We are here to help.

If we’re not there in 2 hours, we’ll fix it for FREE!

We will fix your emergency problem or the service call is FREE!

077 652 98718 – Click to Call

Benefits Of Emergency Plumbing

PlumbingThere are many benefits of Emergency Plumbing. If you’re in need of an emergency plumber, avoid a catastrophe. Don’t Delay. Call the experts right away!

Benefits Of Emergency Plumbing

Here are just a few of the many benefits of calling your local True  Emergency Plumbing service at the earliest possible time.

  • We have the experience needed to tackle difficult problems
  • You receive our expert advice
  • You get our reliable quotations
  • We pick up the phone immediately
  • You can rely on us – when we say 24 hour emergency plumbing, we mean 24 hour emergency plumbing!
  • We are available 24/7
  • We resolve  any residential or commercial plumbing job you may have
  • Prompt repairs guaranteed!
  • Our professional service will extend the lifespan of your plumbing system
  • Many of your plumbing problems are resolved in one visit
  • You avoid  hidden costs of do-it-yourself plumbing
  • Our skilled plumber is equipped with all the required tools
  • We can do the job quickly
  • You can check their credentials
  • Your house insurance payments will stay low
  • You get the peace of mind derived from the guarantee on our work that you will receive
  • Whatever types of sudden plumbing emergencies you have, we can deal with them
  • To allow you to relax even more, we also offer routine maintenance
  • If the job needs it, we can install a wide range of fixtures including taps, sinks, toilets, shower heads and water meters

As I said, there are many undeniable benefits of Emergency Plumbing so be quick about turning to your emergency plumbers whenever you might need them. If you even sense there may be a need for an emergency plumber, do not delay.

Enjoy the Benefits Of Emergency Plumbing

Get on the phone. You might just avoid a catastrophe so don’t Delay. Call the experts at True  Emergency Plumbing right away.

Call – 077 652 98718

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